Almond Sesame Low Carb Buns

Have you given up bread in order to stick to your low carb diet?  You don’t have to with recipes like this.  I have been making low carb almond buns for months now and not only are they only 2 NET carbs per bun, they are also gluten free and high in fiber so they […]

Why Use Almond Flour in Low Carb Baking?

Almond flour is a gluten-free nut flour, essentially just ground blanched almonds. It’s often used as a low-carb substitute for wheat flour in bread and other baked goods.  Almond flour is a common ingredient in all kinds of baking.   Almonds do not contain gluten so it won’t rise with yeast.  When using it in baking, […]

Cheese and Herb Biscuits

Cheese & herb biscuits (naturally from Angela on Only 1.2 Net carbs per biscuit and gluten free! Yields 24 Ingredients ½ cup (113g) butter, room temperature 1 ½ cup (170g) Cheddar Cheese, grated ½ cup (50g) Parmesan Cheese, grated 1 ½ (150g) cup ground almonds/almond flour ¼ cup (28g) coconut flour 2 tablespoons chopped […]