Ok, another diet to look at.  The Dubrow diet, created by Heather Dubrow, star of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and her husband Dr. Terry Dubrow, a Newport Beach plastic surgeon and star on “Botched”, The Dubrow Diet is one of the top 10 searched diets on Google in 2018.  According to their book “The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless”, this diet can help you lose weight, improve your skin’s appearance, increase your energy, help stabilize blood sugars, decrease inflammation in your body, and has powerful anti-aging properties.  I mean, who doesn’t want all of that?  But does it really do all that it says it does?

The diet is based on intermittent fasting which is really popular right now but in order to really follow the diet as recommended, you should probably buy their book. It not only describes the all of the phases of the diet, it gives you meal plans, food lists and recipes along with recommended supplements.

To summarize the diet though, the first phase lasts 2-5 days and consists of 16 hours of fasting (resetting) with 8 hours of eating (refueling).

The second phase comes in 3 varieties, depending on how you do with the fasting phase and how fast you want to lose weight.  It goes like this:

Slow speed: 12 hours fast and 12 hours resetting (12/12)

Medium speed: 14 fast and 10 hours resetting (14/10)

Fast speed: 16 hours fasting and 8 hours resetting (16/8)

The third phase is the eating schedule you maintain long term.  On it, you follow the 12/12 eating schedule for 5 days and the 16/8 schedule for the other 2 days.  You choose which days you would like to do what.

So, that’s the basics…but what are you allowed to eat when you are allowed to eat?  This diet is very specific with what types of foods you can eat and how much of it.  This diet is not just about when you eat, but is quite particular with what types of food you eat and how much of it.  Phase 1 introduces how much protein, carbs and veggies you are allowed and provides you with a food list and sample meal plans.  Phase 2 follows the same meal planner but with an expanded food list and more meal plans.  For example, a protein serving is 3-4 oz., 2-3 times per day; fruit is 1 small or 1 cup per day; carbohydrates include a ½ cup of complex carbs such as lentils, barley or a slice of multigrain bread per day.  No white flour.  Non-fat dairy is allowed in phase 1 and 2% milk is introduced in phase 2.  In phase 3 you are encouraged to continue eating the foods that you ate during phase 1 and 2, so no changes here, except that you are allowed to be a little more liberal with portion sizes unless your weight starts to climb back up.

My thoughts:  The one thing I like about this diet, or any diet that has some intermittent fasting, is because intermittent fasting causes autophagy which I discussed in my past blogs.  This is when the body does its own garbage dump and allows for easy cleansing of the body.  However, the diet part is not something I can personally follow.  Anyone would lose weight eating so little but the key is that it is a diet.  Remember to ask yourself before following any diet, is “Can you sustain this eating for your life?”  It has to be a lifestyle change which the Dubrows say it is but you can be the judge of that.  It certainly isn’t for me.  I also am not a fan of this diet using the word “cheat” moments as it ties guilt with food or eating which is rarely helpful or healthy.  There is no ‘cheating’ in your lifestyle.  I feel this diet would be hard to sustain in the long run.

As with any diet, they all have advantages and disadvantages, good points and bad points.  You all know that I am a fan of reducing carbohydrates, eating as close to gluten free as possible and getting in a good amount of vegetables, good quality protein and lots of good, healthy fats.  The Dubrow diet is not something I stand for however it may be good for some people who need to have such a restricted diet to stay on track with their weight loss efforts.  You be the judge.

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