As I was growing up, my granny used to come and visit my mom, probably to get away from my grandpa and find some peace.  My granny was a hairdresser and would perm my mom’s hair while drinking wine…lots of wine.  I would watch them from the other room and admire their relationship.  I remember saying to myself “I want to have a close relationship with my mom like my mom and my granny”.  I remember very clearly thinking that.  I also clearly remember on September 25th, when I was 14 years old, we got a call saying that my granny had died suddenly.  I remember hearing my mom cry in the bathroom every night for an entire year and my brother would go in and sit with her.  It was awful for all of us because we all loved my granny.  We spent a lot of time with her and she was a really fun lady.  As I grew older, I realized that I had that same relationship with my mom.  In fact, most of my friends called her mom because she was more of a mom to them than some of my friend’s own mothers.  She became one of my best friends and I brought her with me to many of my ‘girl’s outings’.  All of my friends love her.  How blessed am I?  My mother now has stage IV incurable cancer and we are going to lose her too soon.  The thought of losing her breaks my heart because I am going to lose one of my best friends.  We are all going to miss her, everyone who knows her will miss her.  I will miss her funny stories (even though I heard them 100 times), I will miss torturing her (in a fun way) and I will miss having her around watching our families grow.

I became a mother of 2 over 30 years ago to two beautiful, amazing, smart women, for which I am so proud.  I have that close relationship with my girls as I had with my mom, and my mom with her mom.  Now one of my daughters has become a mother herself to a beautiful daughter and I know that she will continue the tradition of mother-daughter closeness.  It’s all we know.

So cheers to all of you mothers out there.  Tell your mothers that you love them.  Don’t take them for granted.  Spend time with them.  Love them with all your heart…


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