When you are trying to lose weight, are you one of those people who are on the scale EVERY day?  Or maybe even more than once a day?  I think this is what we have been trained to do.  We rely on the scale to tell us if we are doing a good job on our diets, but is it?  Personally, the scale drives me crazy!  I have literally been PERFECT on my keto diet, burning ketones (large) and my weight is UP one pound today!  My sister and mother get on the scale every day (sometimes more than once a day) and they find it encouraging and it keeps them on track.  For me, it depresses the heck out of me because I know I’ve been good and the scale spits in my face!  So, from now on, I am only going to weigh once per week, and if it spits in my face then, I am going to throw that thing away!  Actually, I am going to purchase a scale that tells me my percentage of fat as well as water (and weight of course).  This is a better way to monitor your weight (fat) loss.  Keep in mind that water and muscle weigh a lot more than fat so if you are exercising, your muscle weight goes up which shows on the scale and can be depressing.  Fat is super light in weight.  If you cook a roast and put the liquid in the fridge, the fat is so light it floats to the top.  This is what you need to do when you make soup.  Put the broth in the fridge over night so you can scoop the fat off the top before you make the soup.  If you have a lot of fat on your body, you will float in the water.  Someone who doesn’t have fat on their body will sink like a rock in the water.  So, in terms of the scale, it’s nice to know if you are losing FAT, not water or muscle…so it is a good idea to get a scale that shows both.  In the meanwhile, I am going to plug away on my keto diet, regardless of that rotten scale, and lose fat, slowly but surely and will invest in a fat % scale.  Wish me luck!

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