I know so many people who love Starbucks so having low carb options is fantastic. Thank you for sharing!

Baby Beast Bodybuilding

Since transitioning to lower carb and higher fats, I have been experimenting with coffee recipes!

Part 1, includes how to order at Starbucks to make your own concoctions.

Part 2, I’ll show you five low carb coffee recipes to try for yourself!

First things first: HOW TO ORDER 

Now I am not a coffee connoisseur. So forgive me if I leave something out. This is coffee / Starbucks as I know it.

You’ll probably make things easier for the barista if you ask for things in the order that is displayed on their cups.

  1. Hot or iced
  2. Size
  3. Decaf
  4. Number of shots
  5. Number of pumps of syrup
  6. Type of milk
  7. Followed by anything else you might like to add!

After Picking (1.) hot or iced, pick your (2.) size. The amount of caffeine per cup is as follows.

(3.) Caffeinated or decaffeinated. However I am not sure why you would be…

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