“I’ve heard so much about apple cider vinegar in the last few weeks from a lot of my friends and now it is everywhere on line and in stores.  I heard it’s good for weight loss.  Can you tell me what the hype is with it and will it help me with weight loss?”

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Vinegar is made in a two-step process.  The first step exposed crushed apples (apple cider) to yeast which ferments the sugars and turns them into alcohol.  The second step requires adding bacteria to the alcohol solution which further ferments the alcohol and turns it into acetic acid.  This is the main ingredient in vinegar.  The French word “vinegar” actually means “sour wine”.

Organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar like Bragg’s shown above contains the “mother” which are really just strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that make the vinegar look murky.  You want the “mother” in your vinegar product as it is very good for you.  Some people believe that the “mother” is responsible for most of the health benefits.  There is only 1-2 calories. zero fat and  less than one gram of carbs per tablespoon depending on the brand.

What are the Benefits of Taking Apple Cider Vinegar?

Below is a list of all of the different things that people claim and studies show:

  • Weight Loss: Studies suggest that apple cider vinegar can increase feelings of fullness and help people eat fewer calories, which can lead to weight loss.  Recent research also shows that vinegar may turn on certain genes involved in breaking down fats and increases metabolism.  It also reduces water retention
  • Blood Sugar Balance: Apple cider vinegar has shown great promise in improving insulin sensitivity and helping to lower blood sugar responses after meals.
  • Anti-bacterial: The main substance in vinegar, acetic acid, can kill bacteria and/or prevent them from multiplying and reaching harmful levels. It has a history of use as a disinfectant and natural preservative.
  • Heart Healthy: Several studies have shown that vinegar can reduce blood triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Aids in Digestion: A simple combination of one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of warm water can help you avoid indigestion, no matter what kind of food you’re eating. By sipping this solution before you eat, you can help your food be digested properly and avoid acid reflux.
  • Soothes Sore Throat due to anti-bacterial properties.
  • Rids Dandruff: The acidity of apple cider vinegar actively works with your scalp, changing the pH and making it more difficult for the yeast that causes dandruff to grow.
  • Cures Hiccups: The strong and sour taste focuses your system on dealing with what you just consumed, stopping hiccups from happening.  There are actually lollipops available with the apple cider vinegar in them for people who have recurring hiccups.
  • Stops Congestion: One teaspoon of vinegar in water will help to relieve congestion to help open up your sinuses.

There is so many more things that people claim apple cider vinegar has helped them but I don’t have the time or room to name them all.  Bottom line…it can’t hurt to take it!

How Do I Take It?

This is the easy part.  Simply add 1-3 teaspoons in a glass of water and drink it.  You can do this in the morning and again at night.  Does anyone use apple cider vinegar right now?  If so why do you use it?  I literally just started using it this week for weight loss.  Will keep you posted on my results.

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