What Is Garcenia Cambogia and How Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

Garcenia Cambogia is a tropical fruit also known as Malabar Tamarind.  It has been a popular weight loss supplement and for good reason…it works for a lot of people!  I have had so many people come into our stores raving about this supplement and saying that they are losing weight.  I’ve also read some reviews on line that show it doesn’t help but isn’t this the case with everything?  I’ve read negative reviews on pretty much everything that comes in a supplement.  Not everything works for everybody.  You just have to try it and see how it works for you.

But how does it work?

The active ingredient in Garcenia is Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), which is in a lot of weight loss supplements listed under HCA. An extract from the fruit rind is where they get the HCA from.  Garcenia blocks the body’s ability to make fat and helps to boost fat-burning.  Garcenia appears to block an enzyme called Citrate Lyase which your body uses to make fat.  It also raises levels of the brain chemical serotonin which may make you less hungry and helps to reduce appetite.  It has also been shown to reduce stress levels (cortisol) which is very important for weight loss because if you’re stressed you store fat, you don’t burn it.

Other Health Benefits

Some studies show that Garcenia controls blood sugar by making it easier for your body to use glucose so it is recommended for people with insulin resistance, hypoglycemia or diabetes.   Some research also shows that Garcenia can improve cholesterol levels, lower triglycerides and LDL and raise HDL levels.

Garcenia also helps to improve exercise performance, helps with joint pain,  helps to empty the bowels and parasite cleansing.

What Do I Look For When Buying Garcenia Cambogia

  • Look for one that it 100% pure
  • It must show % of HCA on the label. The higher the HCA the better.  You should look for one that is 80% – 95% HCA
  • It should be 1,500 mg
  • It should not contain any artificial ingredients (fillers, binders, colors etc)

Can I Use The Fruit in Recipes?

The Garcenia fruit looks a little like a baby pumpkin and is between a yellow and green color.  The flavor of the fruit is slightly sweet and slightly sour.  It tastes like a cross between an orange and a pumpkin.  The fruit is native to Southeast Asia, India, Indonesia and regions of Central and Western Africa.  It is actually used in a lot of dishes in these countries, such as chutneys and sauces.  It is also used in stews an soups as it helps to thicken the broth.  Garcenia is very rich in fiber so using it for cooking helps to enhance the consistency of food as well as the flavor.  Indians use the rind of the fruit as a flavoring in curry.  It adds a little sour flavor which they believe may help to activate your body’s digestion.

If you want to add Garcenia to your daily regime for weight loss, you will have to take it in supplement form as the HCA from the rind is concentrated and high dose and you could not eat enough fruit to get the amount in supplements.  However you can certainly add this fruit/rind in some recipes for additional help in weight loss.  The problem is finding this fruit in the grocery stores.  Perhaps some Asian or Indian food stores carry it but you would have to call them ahead of time so you are not traveling around the city.  If anyone can find it, please let me know and I will share with everyone!

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