MCT Oil goes Straight to Your Liver for Fast Burning Energy for Your Body and your Brain

Unlike other fats that must go through normal digestive processes, MCT oil goes directly to your liver where it’s converted into ketones for quick energy, rather than stored in your fat cells.  Do you want to speed up fat burning, optimize your brain function or increase your  energy?  Take MCT oil.  I use it for my salad dressings with apple cider vinegar and spices.  You can make home made veggie dips with it, add it to your smoothies or just take a shot of it with your meals.
MCT oil is typically derived from coconut oil but they are NOT the same thing.   MCT oil is far more concentrated.  MCT oil should be consumed every day for many reasons: it helps you maintain or lose weight, burns stored body fat, raises metabolism, is an appetite suppressant, increases energy, helps you think more clearly, aids in digestion, balances hormones, improves your mood, helps to absorb fat soluble nutrients from food and even fights bacterial and viral infections.
MCT oil is tasteless so you can virtually add it to any foods but do not cook with it.  Instead, coconut oil should be used for all of your cooking as it is extremely stable under heat.  How many ways can you think to add MCT oil into your daily diet?


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