Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels!

I tell myself that every day but is it working?  Starting a new weight loss program is always hard to do however STAYING on the diet is the most challenging.  We may do well for a week or so but then you had to go to a birthday party, or wedding etc and bam…you fall off the program.  Most of us just say “ah forget it” and some of us say “no big deal, let’s get back on track”.  Which one are you?

When starting on a diet, we often focus on what we won’t be able to have rather than what we will gain if we stick to it.  How many times per day do you look in the mirror and hate what you see?  When you are getting dressed, how do you feel?  Has your weight ever stopped you from doing something you really wanted to do?  What will it take to get your diet under control?  What will KEEP you on track?  GOALS!  Take out that black dress you want to wear for Christmas or that bathing suit you want to wear on your vacation.  It isn’t doing any good sitting in the back of your closet.  Look at what you want to wear, keep trying them on and look in the mirror.  Visualize what you will look and feel like when you can fit into these.   Know that you CAN do it!  People do it all the time.  What are your downfalls?  Where do you go wrong?  Please share your thoughts on why you feel it is hard to stick to your program all the way to your goals.  I would love to hear back from you…

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